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The Nursery has a manual of policies and procedures governing the way we operate. Below are a few brief statements covering some of our main areas. You are welcome to access the full documents within the Nursery.

Equal Diversity
We are committed to providing equality and diversity for all children, families and staff. We support all families and aim to operate in a respectful and celebratory way. The Group is open to every family in the community. The waiting list is operated on a first come first served basis, according to date of birth. We give priority to children who are Looked after, or have Special Educational needs. We recognise that many different types of family successfully love and care for children. Our aim is to show respectful awareness of all major events in the lives of the children and families in our Nursery. We aim to reflect the diversity of our local community and our society as a whole.

Health and Safety
The health and safety of young children is of paramount importance. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle whilst maintaining high levels of both health and safety.

First Aid
We have on site a minimum of one fully trained Paediatric First Aider at a time. Here at Toddle In Group we aim for 100% of our team to be fully trained in paediatric first aid. Certificates can be seen on display in our Office.

Safeguarding Children
Toddle In Group works with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children are protected and to give them the very best start in life. We are committed to building a culture of safety, respond promptly and appropriately to all concerns and liaise with other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for children.


Special Educational Needs
We operate an inclusive admissions policy. We aim to offer an excellent early years experience for all children, respecting their unique developmental needs.  We value the contributions from both parents and other professionals in order to ensure we provide the very best care and opportunities for all children.


We believe that children and adults flourish in an ordered environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them. Children are free to play, experience new opportunities, and learn without fear of being hurt or hindered. We aim to work towards a situation in which children can develop self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. We have a strong focus on rewarding positive behaviour.

Toddle in Group believes children should be ‘Cared for all day, learning through play’. We encourage children to explore, and become inquisitive. We work to the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012, which identifies 3 prime areas of development and 4 specific areas of development. For further information on the EYFS please visit .

Sick children
Children need particular care, attention and reassurance when they are sick. Any infectious or contagious disease or illness that your child may be experiencing needs to be contained to prevent it spreading to other children. We ask that Parent’s keep us informed of any illness so that we may be responsible whilst looking after all children in our Nursery. For specific information regarding exclusion periods and signs and symptoms of illness please speak to a member of the team.

English as an additional language (EAL)
Please do make us aware if your child’s first/home language is not English. Our team speak a variety of languages and a key-person will be allocated to your family to help with language development if we can match languages. The Nursery has many resources to support children with EAL.

National Education Funding (NEF)
The government are providing free Nursery places for children aged 2 years plus. To see if your child is eligible please speak to us and we will happily apply for funding on your behalf. The government currently provide up to 15 hours a week for 38 weeks per year. We have a free session between 9am – 12pm for those children who are in receipt of the NEF.

Payment of fees
You are required to pay your fee’s in full by the 1st of each calendar month in advance. Invoices are provided which will show the breakdown of charges. There is a fine of £5.00 or 10% of the total due, whichever is the greater, which will be applied to your account. The Nursery reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place in the event of non payment of fee’s.

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